Gallery Name Description
Concept Art Various art pieces used to decide the look of the movie
More Concept Art A showcase of the Artwork of Mondolithic Studios
Armor Showcasing some of the fine craftsmanship of the Schmitthenner Armory
More armor Valentine armouries made all the scale armour, chainmail armour, helmets, swords and more for the movie.
Shooting Locations Photos of various locations where Outlander was filmed
Construction Various Pictures of the sets and other objects being built
Props Some of the props used in Outlander
More Props Iron Raven Metalwork made a number of metal objects for use in the film
On the Set - Newfoundland Some Photos from the week of shooting in Newfoundland
On the Set - Nova Scotia Shots of set activity from the Nova Scotia shoot
Movie Stills Various production photos
More Movie Stills More production photos
Promotional Material Posters and other Advertising


Bailey Maughan
Owen Pattison
Petra Prazak


Newfoundland Extras from the Newfoundland set
Nova Scotia - Page 1 Extras from the Nova Scotia set
Nova Scotia - Page 2 More Nova Scotia extras