mourning an exchange Wulfric Smiling Jack Smiling Jack again Jack A King and his daughter A boat Boromir Freya John John again Pensive Jack more jack Ready waiting On Guard Gunnar with his mouth open Battle Charge! Gunnar Jack at night Bjorn Abjorned James Rogers O Bearded One Tied up nowhere to go Kainan Tied Kainan Tied Up can I get up now? how long will I be here? Should I? Water Have a sip Open up! Good Care a moment a look details bondage That looks like it hurts... Don't try anything! You heard me. Ready bruised fetch a pail of water A barrel full bonding not happy Shackled Shackled Tied up again Fuming On horse Riding Rothgar Wulfric and Kainan Space Cowboy On horse Jim again Wulfric Riding Jack Riding Jack standing Jack again A lot of Hurt Hurt in the saddle More Hurt presenting... accepting standing ready testing Erick and Freya More Erick and Freya Freya and Erick Sophia and Bailey Take the picture Kainan Arrow.. Aim testing thoughtful in thought kneeling Kainan! A Hero Reflection Directing Burning Planet Who goes there? Farewell WetBehind you!