CBC Radio Interview

Aired Friday, October 13, 2006; 4 minutes 32 seconds

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"An invasion is underway on the Bay of Islands. The first sign of trouble, truck loads of people with strange equipment rumbling into town. Soon a horde of Vikings will sail into Lark Harbour, hot on their heels an evil alien life form, bent on battle with the burly norsemen. Keeping her head low, in the midst of all this mayhem will be Patsy Chalmers-Gow. She lives in York Harbour. And she snagged the job of assistant co-ordinator of this film shoot for the Hollywood sci-fi/horror flick "Outlander". Patsy's on the line."


CBC News Report

Friday, October 20, 2006; 1 minute 55 seconds

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News clip: Film production brings Vikings back to Newfoundland

Behind-the-Scenes On Set Footage

Dececember 4/5, 2006; 1 minute 32 seconds

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HypaSpace promo clip: The Space channel spends time on the set of Outlander

Behind-the-Scenes Feature

December 9, 2006; 7 minutes 55 seconds

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Excerpt from HypaSpace Weekly sci-fi news program that originaly aired on the Space channel - Director Howard McCain, Executive Producer Don Carmody, Producer Chris Roberts, John Hurt, Jack Huston, Creature designer Patrick Totopolous, and Russel Cate of Caligari Studio all go indepth on the production of Outlander

On the set - Cast interviews

January 8, 2007; 5 minutes 12 seconds

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MTV e2 Segment - Interviews with Howard McCain, Jim Caviezel, Sophia Myles, John Hurt, and Jack Huston, Featuring the "Shield dance" scene.

Outlander Creature Design

January 8, 2007; 1 minute 29 seconds


G4TV’s The Feed - G4 Visits Patrick Tatopoulos at his studio to have a look at the Moorwen – The creature he designed for Outlander


Sophia Myles Interview

August 27, 2007; 1 minute 54 seconds


Rotten Tomatoes - Sophia talks to Joe Utichi about Outlander during the Hallam Foe press tour

Sophia Myles Interview 2

August 31, 2007; 52 seconds


Empire Online - Sophia talks about Outlander during the Hallam Foe press tour

Movie-Con 2008: Dirk Blackman, Jack Huston Q&A

August 17th, 2008; 10 minutes, 41 seconds

The 2008Empire Movie-con in London England. The showed an audience a special 10 minute clip of the film and then took part in a Q&A session.

WARNING: this clip contains coarse language.