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5 Second Spots

Not a lot new here. This brief spot shows a roaring moorwen and Kainan's armored soldier with a brief shot of destruction on an alien world... pretty much stuff straight from the original trailers. Brief and Cool, this clip highlights the Sci-fi nature of the movie and leaves out the Vikings.

Again, this next spot seems to play off of the Sci-fi elements showing an armored soldier, some spaceships... and then Kainain stabing a burning moorwen with a sword. I believe elements of that scene are in the other trailers but that specific shot seems new... It's expanded on in the upcomming spots, so read (and watch) on.

10 Second Spots

Almost entirely new stuff here! We've had brief glimpses of some of this before but this TV spot focuses almost entirely on the monster aspect of Outlander. We get an extended scene essentially of Kainan having a standoff with a burning Moorwen. The previous 5 second spot had some elements of this as well.

Here's another great 10 second spot, and probably the best of the entire bunch! Again we get the same burning Moorwen scene but there's an extra bit of the moorwen charging, and then it ends with the waterfall bit from the end of the original second trailer with the Moorwen behind Jim Caviezel's character.

15 Second Spots

This next ad plays more like an abreviated version of the second trailer. Again though there's a lot of the Moorwen and spacemen and spaceships and not many vikings to be seen.

This is somewhat similar to the last spot but contains pretty much all the bits of the Burning Moorwen scene from the other spots scattered throughout it. The main thing that makes this spot stand appart from the others is that it ends with another chunk of new footage with the scene of Wulfric being knocked to the ground from behind by a Moorwen!.