Clips & Scenes

Where am I?

Kainan activates a distress beacon and learn a little bit about the local surroundings

1 minute 47 seconds

What Happened?

Kainan explores a Viking village that has been attacked by... something

1 minutes 0 seconds

The Hidden Monster

The Vikings get a clear picture of the Moorwen for the first time...

1 minute 23 seconds

Better Metal

The band of warriors come up with a plan to defeat the Moorwen

1 minute 25 seconds

Wulfric Interogates Kainan

The Vikings have captured Kainan and suspect he has been involved in a brutal attack on a neighboring village.

English with French subtitles

1 minute 53 Seconds

Spanish dubbing

Before the King

Wulfric brings Kainan before John Hurt's King Rothgar.

Spanish Dubbing

2 minutes 6 seconds

'Shield Dance'

Wulfric challenges Kainan - who has finally been accepted by the Norse villagers - to a game of 'Shields' which just happens to take place on the backs of drunken Vikings!

Spanish Dubbing

4 minutes 32 seconds

Kainan and Freya

An emotional moment from a longer scene between Kainan and Freya where he is explaining his past to her:

Spanish Dubbing

1 minutes 36 seconds

Gunnar's Men...

Gunnar's Raiders meet an unseen foe in the woods

1 minute 0 Seconds

French Dubbing

1 minute 42 seconds

Moorwen Attack

TThere's a few moments from this scene in the trailers, and it involves Kainan and Wulfric venturing beyond the Village walls and confronting a tempermental Moorwen!

1 minute 26 seconds

Spanish Dubbing

3 minutes 40 seconds

Moorwen Genocide

Kainan explains his peoples responsibility in the fate of the Moorwens

French Dubbing

1 minute 3 seconds

Boat Footage

A brief clip of a Viking boat eerily adrift, followed by a brief shot of the burning mast as the funeral pyre burns.


4 seconds