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06/29/07       David helped us fill in another hole in out crew page.  He let us know that Mike Kitchen is also an animator at Spin Productions.   When he’s not working on Outlander, Mike also likes to write comics.  Check out his company’s website here.   


06/28/07       Brian sent us along an email to let us know he was credited wrong in the Crew page.  Our crew page is a work in progress so all input is appreciated and we apologize for any errors.  We had him listed as “previs/tracking” when it should have read “Lead Animator.”

He also let us know that we hadn’t yet added Amy Lu and Mark Schreiber.  They are both animators working for spin productions on the movies digital effects.  You can find Amy’s portfolio website here along with samples of her work.  And you can have a look at our updated crew page here. 



06/27/07       Jim Dorey, who had a background part as a Viking warrior in Outlander, has recently posted some cool tales of his time on set to his blog.   Head over to MarketSaw and read the full tale of his struggle with stubborn pants and of hanging around the set with Mr. Hurt.

         Jim Caviezel was looking right at me from about 5 feet away when we finished one of the runs - wonder if he saw the pants problem. Oh well, I guess they could have weaved in that I was in the throes of passion with my lady just as Ron Perlman decides to invade our village - I had to jump up and immediately don my viking duds for battle!!!

Check out the entire entry here.    Jim also promises more memories soon, so keep checking back.



06/25/07       The Daily Mail out of the UK recently featured an interview with Sophia Myles about one of her upcoming films that is making its debut at the Edinburgh film festival.  Sophia shot Hallam Foe shortly before heading to Canada to shoot Outlander in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.  In the article she also throws out a few humorous Outlander tidbits:

         After she made Hallam Foe, Sophia shot the sci-fi Viking thriller Outlander in Nova Scotia.

         "I was the one with a bare midriff, wearing fur and leather. Why is it the girl who always ends up wearing the least in movies?" she joked.

You can read the whole article here.  Freya_Thumb  Sophia  Sophia - John


06/23/07       Speaking of Fantasy II Film Effects, Raul Contreras – an aspiring filmmaker – Spent the first week of this month working there in California on more effects  work.  Raul does a lot of work as art director and production designer so it’s possible he was employed at Fantasy II in this regard.

In his blog he describes some of the scene they worked on:

         Fantasy II is one of the last of the old school special effects houses left. I have been working there on a sci-fi film called "Outlander" starring Jim Caviezel (Jesus of "The Passion"). We sunk a section of a space ship into their huge water tank and turned the bottom into a sea bed.

         All fun stuff...

This news, along with the other reports of Visual effects “reshoots” makes us think that more likely, once the studio honchos saw Howard McCain’s rough cut of the movie they opened their pockets to give the movie some extra flare and an even more epic feel.  So more likely the new scenes are *additional* or alternate footage as opposed to reshot footage.   Otherwise it seems odd to be shooting more footage so late into production.   Some of these scenes may just not have been possible with the official budget and may have been shot to supplement some of the CGI work being done on the Moorwen.  It’s really hard to say for sure and this is just speculation but it has us wondering… 


Also,  Barbara emailed us to tell us a little bit about one of the key player in the make-up department:

         Elizabeth Kuchurean [was] the personal makeup artist for Jim Caviezel.  I have worked with her on occasion and she really has a passion for her work.

         She is a very talented lady who has been nominated for consideration on 3 different occasions for the Gemini (Shattered City) and the prime time Emmy's (Wedding Wars and Riverman with the A &E network).

Thanks for the message.  Our constant work-in-progress – the crew page – has been updated to reflect the new info.


On another note, there’s an interesting article over at Playback Magazine about the relationship between the Director of Photography and the movies Director.   The article Discusses the issue from a few different perspectives – namely those of Outlanders DoP, Pierre Gill, and Executive Producer Don Carmody. Outlander is mostly mentioned in passing but it’s an interesting read.  You can find the article here. 

Ships  outlander concept art 4  Crash_Thumb  Corridot with lights  outlander_3



06/20/07       One of the latest additions to the Crew page is Tony Magaletta.  Tony works for Fantasy II Film Effects and helped work the camera for various green screen/pyro elements that were shot on a stage to enhance Outlander’s various effects shots.  In scenes like the crash landing and other scenes you may see some of the pyrotechnic elements digitally overlayed onto various explostions or fires that were physically shot on set in Nova Scotia.  Fantasy II film effects also does a lot of work with miniatures and an under water shots.  So for now we will have to wait and see exactly what shots were complemented by their work. Some of the other films Tony has worked on include the Underworld films, Hellboy, and The Punisher.

Along with Tony we’ve also added quite a few other names to the crew page and one more to the Cast page. 



06/13/07       We’ve previously reported on some of the metal work that was done to give Outlander an authentic period feel.  Some of Darrel Markowitz’ - of the Wareham forge – work is featured in our Props gallery.   We were also aware that a number of pieces were also made by Iron Raven Metalwork.  We got in touch with Bill Flemming of Iron Raven and he told us a little bit about what it was like to work on the Viking Movie and it’s Norse Village.

         The entire experience was a pleasure and everyone in the art department  and the set crew treated me very well. The art department used me as a consultant with regards to what was possible and the design of some articles ,  many changes were made as a result for both practical and historic reasons. Having said that some items were much larger and abundant than history would allow !

         While doing movies can be a lot of fun there can be times when the work load  is overwhelming and I need help, In this case I used  Jerry Levy of Practical Blacksmithing to fabricate the hinges on the main gates and the barbecue spits and some incidentals working from his own shop and on site,  Kyle Woods helped out in my shop by making blades, pokers and assisting me with larger Items. Kyle, Jerry and myself are all members of the Maritime Blacksmiths Association.

         Ian Greig [set decorator] and I both attended  the same art class in high school and attended the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design  together and he uses me when  he needs some custom metal work for one of his projects.

Bill also kindly sent along a whole bunch of images of his work and you can find the new gallery HERE.

Thumb_DSC00604-1  Thumb_DSC00570-1  Thumb_DSC00557-1  Thumb_DSC00606-1


06/05/07       So what exactly are VFX reshoots?  This question comes up as we do further digging to flesh out our crew page.  Some of the new names we’ve added include Danny Virtue, a stunt coordinator and performer who works with horses.  You can find an extensive bio of his work here. 

Joe Battrick is a precision/stunt driver and we can only imagine what crazy stunts they had him do for outlander…  A spaceship crash maybe?  It’s not like the Vikings had their own vehicles.

And finally, Shawn Maher’s résumé over at the IATSE website has him as Director of Photography of the second unit doing Outlander reshoots…   Note though that Shawn is a visual effects DP.  Elsewhere on the site he’s listed as having been busy on visual effects and Visual effects reshoots, though that was to run through till may 22 and he is currently listed as available to work on other features.    So presumably this is nothing major – no foreboding omen of doom.  Rather it’s most likely that one or two key frames essential for making some of the effects shots weren’t up to par and needed to be reshot to be convincing.  And second unit is almost always used to pick up secondary filler shots.  For example, they may need a close-up of a boiling kettle, so the second unit goes out and shoots the kettle while the first unit is getting all the really important stuff with the main actors and such.

Picture018  Picture022  SimonNorthwood - Outlander


06/04/07       As you probably know, Our Crew page is somewhat of a work in progress.  So we’re always glad to hear from people like Rahema. He/ she emailed to let us know about a gap in our data that they could fill us in on. 

         I see you are still updating your crew page and there is one main person you are missing. The person whom without, Pierre GIll and Howard McCain would not have gotten their shots; Kevin Bishop operated The Panavision Technocrane everyday on set of this movie and I see his name has not yet been added to the crew list.

         Kevin Bishop was Camera A most everyday and worked closely with Howard McCain and Pierre Gill every day. He was brought in from Toronto, Ontario specially for this movie and, spent the whole time on the east coast of Canada shooting this movie. In fact, Every shot you see (with the exception of a few second unit shots) were shot by Kevin Bishop. He is originally from London, England and has been one of the head film technicians in Toronto for 15 years.

 Thanks for the info.  Check out our updated crew page HERE.



06/01/07       A few weeks back, Halifax’s Chronicle Herald ran a piece (which is no longer available online) about a couple of actresses that decided to improve their marketable skills by taking a stunts workshop.  One of the featured actresses was Amy Kerr, who played a small role in Outlander.  In fact, the article mentioned that it was actually her experiences on Outlander that prompted her to develop her stunt abilities further!  She mentions in her blog that apart from appearing as a bored kitchen wench, she made her first stunt performance as a village woman getting sliced in half by an angry viking warrior

         The 28-year-old actor was one of 11 people who signed up to fall down stairs, crash through windows and basically be battered and beaten in the name of film training.

         The training stations involved rappelling down walls, dealing with cables that with a sudden jolt either flung the participant backward or up into the ceiling of the gym. Sometimes they would smash through a boarded-up window, fall down concrete stairs, be thrown into barrels or get propelled upward by an air ram that simulates an explosion.

         Kerr had to muster up all her courage to get through the first couple of stunts, but she was determined to finish what she started.

         "That was messed up. I physically couldn’t do it on the first try; my mind just wouldn’t let me move," she said after walking down the wall face first at the rappelling station. "I got a taste of this stuff when I worked on the movie Outlander, though, and it was so exhilarating that I wanted to do more so I’m going to as long as my nerves hold out."

         Kerr’s nerves continued to kick in before every stunt and she made at least one visit to the paramedic on site, but she pushed on in hopes that the training would add another layer to her acting skills.


In other site related news, we’ve been tweaking various sections around the site, There’s been some re-organizing in the Links page, some additions to the crew page, and a few new pictures here and there so have a look around, and remember to Email if you have Outlander news to report.

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