February 2009

02/27/09Where Is Outlander This Week?

EDIT (March 1st): I've added four more locations to the list. There should be 12 US locations this week. We have nine listed. Anyone know what the last three are?

What the hell? Why don't I have a list of theaters for this week? Why didn't we get the full list for last week? Whatever... But the good news is that the Weinsteins half-assed (or is that giving them too much credit?) theatrical release of Outlander continues. If you happen to know whether Outlander is playing in your town email us and we'll post it heres so hopefully more people get a chance to see the film in theaters. So with that I can give you the locations I do know that are playing the film in the US this week:

  • Oregon

  • Portland - Cornelius Stadium Cinemas

  • Michigan

  • Muskegon - Cinema Carousel

    Lansing - Celebration! Cinema & IMAX Theatre

    Grandville - Celebration! Cinema RiverTown (At RiverTown Crossings Mall)

  • North Carolina

  • Morrisville - Carmike Park Place 16

    Raleigh - Carmike 15

  • North Dakota

  • Fargo - West Acres - Marcus Theaters

  • Minnesota

  • Waite Park - Parkwood - Marcus Theaters

    Hermantown - Lakes -Marcus Theaters

02/24/09Outlander Soundtrack CD Release Details

As we previously reported, La La Land Records will be releasing the Outlander original score on CD soon. We now have (thanks LeHah!) a release date and some details about the release. This is a limited edition release at 1500 Units and will be available to order starting on March 3rd. Also don't forget to check out our interview with Outlander composer Geoff Zanelli HERE , which includes samples of the score. Here's an excerpt from the press release:

La La Land will start taking orders March 3, 2009 - at NOON (12:00pm) PST... The first 100 or so cds will be autographed by their respective composers at no extra charge. As an ADDED BONUS: Buy the new LIBRARIAN CD and you shall receive FREE SHIPPING ON YOUR ENTIRE ORDER!

02/23/09Screenings Reminder

In case you didn't see it last week, here again are a few of the places showing Outlander this week. Note though that we only have seven listed here but we can guarantee that Outlander is showing in at least 19 locations in the US this week. However we have yet to recieve the full list. Also, thanks for the shout-out from Shock-till-you-drop! They posted and an update reinforcing what we've heard of a May 5th DVD date and also posted some high res pictures from Outlander. Check them out here.

  • Georgia

  • Atlanta, De Anza Starlight D/I Theatre 6

  • Florida

  • Bradenton, Royal Palm 20

  • North Carolina

  • Cary, Galaxy Theatre

  • Texas

  • Huntsville, Cinema 10

  • South Carolina

  • Myrtle Beach, Colonial Mall 12

  • Nebraska

  • Omaha, 20 Grand

    Omaha, Village Pointe Cinema

  • Ohio

  • Sandusky, Cinemark Movies 10

02/18/09Seattle Outlander Event Impressions

Last night's Outlander event at the Seattle Sci-Fi museum was a success and various impressions are making their way online. Case in point: Aint it Cool has posted a write-up by "Doc Poison" who was in attendance and who really dug the film as well as the Direction Q&A that followed. Check out the full article HERE. Also of note is that Aint it Cool's Harry also seems to really have liked the film even calling it the best indie film he's seen this year.

02/17/09Turkish Release Date update

After a number of delays, and uncertainty, Outlander once again has a release date in Turkey. Turkish cinema affectionados can catch the film in theaters April 10th.

02/17/09Thai Posters and Website

As previously reported, Outlander is invading Thai theaters February 26th. Since Mongkol Films seems more interested in marketing than a certain North American distributor they've already set up a nifty website with the trailer with Thai subtitles, character bios, a synopsis, and more. You can check out the site HERE. The site is also peppered with nifty images reminicent of these two (that's right! TWO) new posters they've made for their release. They combined the Best elements of both the international and US posters along with a few neat extras that remind us of the Upcomming french DVD cover. Have a look below!

Thai Poster 1 Thai Poster 2

02/13/09US Theaters For Week of February 13th

Once again, apologies for the late list. We hope you all find somewhere suitable to catch Outlander on the big screen this weekend. Of note is that a number of theaters in the list are drive-ins.

Also note that we have a bit of extra heads-up this time on a few locations for next week! We're unclear as of yet if more locations will be announced, but at the bottom of the list are a few places you can catch Outlander on the big screen the week of February 20th.

We'd also like to remind anyone in Seattle of the upcomming "Exposed: Inside Film" series special event. At 7:00 PM this tuesday, February 17th is a screening of Outlander followed by an live discussion with Outlander director Howard McCain. There's still some tickets left and considering that they're only five dollars and that it may be your last chance to catch Outlander on the big screen in Seattle, this is certainly a bargain. Head over to Warren Report website to request a seat now!

  • Georgia

  • Newnan, Carmike 10

  • Tennessee

  • Nashville, Bellevue 8

    Madison, Carmike Wynnsong 10

    Antioch, Bell Forge 10

    Johnson City, Carmike Johnson City 14

  • Kentucky

  • Bowling Green, Greenwood 10

  • Florida

  • Panama City, Grand 16 Pier Park Theatre

    Coconut Grove, Cocowalk 16 Theatres

    Vero Beach, Indian River 24

    Jacksonville, Regency 24

    North Ft. Myers, Merchants Crossing 16

    Tallahassee, Tallahassee Mall 20

    Spring Hill, Spring Hill 8 Cinemas

  • North Carolina

  • Charlotte, Carolina Pavilion 22

    Concord Mills, Concord Mills 24

    Greensboro, Grand Four Seasons 18

  • Texas

  • Edinburg, Carmike 20

    Wichita Falls, Sikes 10

    El Paso, Premiere 18 Theatre

  • Nevada

  • North Las Vegas, Las Vegas 5 Drive-In

    Laughlin, Horizon Stadium Cinema 9

  • Arkansas

  • Fayetteville, Fiesta Square 16

    Fort Smith, Carmike 14

    Bella Vista, Sugar Creek

  • Michigan

  • Oxford, Nova Cinemas the AMP Theatre

  • Louisiana

  • Harvey, Palace Theatre 16 - Westbank

    Lafayette, Carmike 10

  • Oklahoma

  • Oklahoma City, Crossroads Mall 16

    Tulsa, Southroads 20

  • Arizona

  • Tucson, De Anza Four Drive In

    Prescott, Frontier Village 10

    Glendale, Glendale 9 Drive-In Theatre

  • Idaho

  • Twin Falls, Odyssey Theatre

  • Missouri

  • St. Charles, St. Charles 18

  • Georgia

  • Atlanta, De Anza Starlight D/I Theatre 6

  • Florida

  • Bradenton, Royal Palm 20

  • North Carolina

  • Cary, Galaxy Theatre

  • Texas

  • Huntsville, Cinema 10

  • South Carolina

  • Myrtle Beach, Colonial Mall 12

  • Nebraska

  • Omaha, 20 Grand

    Omaha, Village Pointe Cinema

  • Ohio

  • Sandusky, Cinemark Movies 10

02/05/09French Blu-Ray / DVD Details!

French Blu-Ray

As we've mentioned previously, Outlander will be available in France on Blu-Ray and 2 Disk special Edition DVD. Now Details are emerging about what exactly that will include and the list is exciting. We better get this stuff on the north american editions!

Wild Side - the home video arm of Wild Bunch Distribution - is handling the release. The special features on both edititions - DVD or Blu-Ray - are the same but the features will be on the DVD's bonus disk. The Audio and picture quality will also obviously be superior on the Blu-Ray version. Both editions, DVD or Blu-Ray, can be pre-ordered from the French edition of Amazon. The Features include:

  • Ratio: 2.35, 16/9

  • Audio

  • DVD : French: DTS 5.1; Dolby Digital Stereo; English: Dolby Digital 5.1

    Blu-ray : French 7.1 DTS Master Audio ; English DTS Master Audio

  • Sous-titres : French

  • The Making of the Film

  • 27 Deleted Scenes

  • Animatic Versions of 14 Scenes

  • Special Effect (??? Special effects Reel or perhaps special effects break downs? Could be the effects reel produced by Spin productions. More on that reel later???

02/05/09US Theaters, The Week of February 6th

Textured Moorwen

As we're entering week three, we've got another batch of places where you can get to see Outlander on the big screen the way it's meant to be seen. I wish we weren't getting this so late in the week but here it is!

  • Boston

  • Salisbury 9/ Salisbury

  • Atlanta

  • Newnan - Carmike 10

  • Raleigh-Durham

  • Fayetteville - Carmike 12

  • Cincinnati

  • Newport - AMC Newport on the Leve

    West Chester - West Chester 18

  • Columbus, OH

  • Columbus - Easton Towne Center 30

    Columbus - Lennox 24

    Columbus - Polaris 18

    Pickerington - Pickerington

  • Las Vegas

  • Las Vegas - Century 18 Sam's Town

  • Syracuse

  • Auburn - Auburn Movieplex 10

  • Savannah

  • Savannah - Carmike 10

02/05/09India Release Details

Outlander is all set to debut in many parts of India tomorrow. 'Behind the Scene' Has been busy promoting the film heavily and will be releasing the film in both english as well as in Hindi. The've also set up a great website full of wallpapers and screenshot, and promo clips that you can check out over at www.outlanderfilm.com.

On the other hand, 'Sun Pictures' will be handling all distribution duties in South India. Along with the English version, they will be releasing Outlander in dubbed flavors including Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam on February 13th!

02/04/09DVD Rumors - Take Two

With the US theatrical release of Outlander finally underway, the latest rumor to surface of a DVD/Blu-Ray date for North America seems more likely to be true. At the typical nearly four month lead time for theatrical versus home video release, the current reported date for the disks is May 5th. We'll be looking for confirmation and will keep everyone posted on the developments.

02/01/09The Moorwen Coming for Thai?

Since you've always wanted to see the Outlander trailer with Thai subtitles, here it is in low res glory. Outlander comes to theaters in Thailand February 26th.

02/01/09Singapore Contest Details

Singapore Poster

Do you live in Singapore? Do you want free tickets to an advance screening of Outlander? Then head over to theUrban Wire for contest details and to enter for your chance at one of the five pairs of tickes being given away for the Thursday, February 12th Screening. Outlander is being distributed by Festive Films in Singapore and opens theatrically February 19th.

Interestingly Singapore seems to have taken a slightly different route with their ad campaign, compared to some of the other countries, employing the tag line "Earth's first alien invasion... and its bloodiest" and "The epic battle ignites February 19th."


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