April 2009

04/24/09Outlander Crashes Into UK Theaters

The UK theatrical release of Outlander is now underway! If you are in the UK, we urge you to check it out. You can find out the nearest cinema to you by using the search function that's been added to the Official UK release website HERE.

Also, the folks at Aint It Cool have posted a nice review/reminder regarding the UK release that you can read here.

04/22/09The Making of OUTLANDER

We have another very special update for you all today. Ascendant Pictures recently completed work on a special 'Makind of' segment for Momentum Pictures and their UK release. This featurette will be appear on the Region 2 DVD eventually and will not be on the North American releases. Nor is it on the French DVD/Blu-Ray. So we're more that happy to be presenting it to you here! It's Roughly 16 and a half minutes long and is essentially divided into three parts that include the conceptualization of the film, the creature design, and filming itself. Enjoy!

04/22/09UK TV Spot

Along with the increased online presence for the UK promotion of Outlander you can now check out the first UK TV spot below:

04/21/09Outlander Viral Video

Outlander opens in the UK this friday and if there's any doubt that there's high anticipation for the film, check out the clip that recently went live on Youtube here! It's a scene for scene remake of the UK trailer for the film using '80s action figures! You have to love the inspired choice for Wulfric! Check out the official UK trailer below the remake.

Also, If you haven't yet you can suscribe to the Outlander UK release twitter feed HERE. You can also sign up as a fan on the UK release facebook page HERE.

04/16/09Outlander VOD

Our friends in France have an interesting option for watching Outlander. Ther DVD and Blu-Ray was released in France April 2nd by Wild Side (the home video arm of Wild Bunch). Now, Outlander is also available on CanalPlay, the Video On Demand service from the French media group Canal+. Throug their 'CanalPlay' service you can essentially rent the film for 48 hours in DVD quality whichis downloaded to your Computer, or you can download it for wiewing on your Sony PSP. Either option will cost about five Euros. Check out the service HERE.

In other France related news, Outlander was reportedly the biggest selling DVD the week of it's release, even though it was released midway through the week in question!

04/10/09Vikings Returning to Sweden

Swedish Poster

Sweden joins the growing number of international theatrical releases for Outlander. Sweden's Atlantic Film recently announced a MAY 8th release date for the film in the country which counts Norsemen in it's ancestry. Check out Atlantic's page for the film HERE.

Also check out Atlantic Film's Poster for the movie to the right! It's a neat looking combination of elemements from the US poster, The DVD/Blu-Ray cover art, and contains the tag line from the UK poster: "two worlds, one battle."

Hopefully this is a sign that we'll se more European dates announced for the film. The next major European date after the UK and Swedish releases is Italy in the summer.

04/10/09Outlander Opens in Turkey

Turkish Poster

The Turkish theatrical run of Outlander begins today! In another milestone in Outlander's worldwide distribution, Turkey joins Egypt, Thailand, and Lebanon as some of the most recent countries to play the film in theaters. Outlander has the title 'Yabanci' in Turkish and is distributed by Umut Sanat along with Ozen Film.

Chech out the Turkish poster to the right! This poster borrows heavily from some of the Indian press materials. and features a kind of remix of elements from the international poster, some of the screenshots and artwork, and even a couple of shots that look like they might actually be from 'Lord of the Rings' (the horses on the right and the army on the left of the charging vikings just above the title). So very strange...

On another note, we've updated our promo material gallery page to include a number of international items we've reported on in the last while plus a few we haven't. Check it out here.

04/08/09Win a Warhammer

In conjunction with the UK release film.com is running a promotion in which you can win a warhammer just like one that Ron Perlman uses in Outlander. Head over for details on how to enter here.

04/07/09Canadian DVD gets release date

box art

Outlander will be hitting Canadian store shelves and rental outlets May 26th. This is a full week after the US dvd date. We're a little unclear about whether all the features will be the same as the US release though we expect them to be. Alliance Films has distribution rights in Canada (see their page for the film here).

However - just to add to the confusion - while Alliance is listed as the rights holder, the film was submitted for classification in Ontario and Manitoba by Universal Studios Home Video Canada. Seemingly though,this stems from a distribution partnership formed between the two companies 10 years ago to acheive better market coverage.

Also of note, while the film is listed at 114 minuts and recieved a 14A rating in Ontario, Manitoba lists the film at 123 minutes with an 18A rating. The running time is most likely a misprint but we'll be the first to admit an extended cut with at least all the scenes that the effects were finished for put back in the film would be superb.

Outlander recieved a 13+ rating in Quebec but there's no word on if Alliance's French division intends to release on May 26th as well.

04/06/09New Clips Online

To Promote the release of Outlander in the UK, Momentum Pictures has released three new clips from the film. Check them out here! The first two happen within the first minutes of the film, shortly after Kainan crashlands. The last clip is later in the film as the fight against the Moorwen grows more desperate.

We're also been working on integrating a number of the more recent clips and trailers we've posted into our media galleries.

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